Side Effects of Nitrle Gloves


One of the strongest forms of gloves being nitrile gloves, offers a great deal of resistance to its users from many harmful chemicals. Nitrile gloves are a form of disposable gloves and they are basically made of synthetic rubber. Nitrile gloves contain zero percent latex proteins. A great deal of resistance is offered by nitrile gloves which helps us to keep away from wears and tears. Nitrile gloves are puncture free gloves. These gloves are basically used to prevent ourselves from many harmful chemicals. These gloves are most preferred by the people who are allergic to latex gloves.

Nitrile gloves possess a very low resistance to friction which no other disposable glove provides. This special quality of the glove helps a person to slide them in very easily .A powder popularly known as corn starch is added to ease the effort of wearing the gloves. Nitrile gloves are made available in variety of sizes. From extra-large to extra small all sizes are easily available .though the texture, cuff –length and thickness may vary.

The level of protection a person needs varies from person to person. Before bringing a glove in use one should always check the contents which are used in the making of the glove. A person should stay away from the glove if he has some allergic reactions to the material used in manufacturing the glove. Latex gloves offers more dexterity in comparison to nitrile gloves. This is one of the main drawbacks of nitrile gloves.

A glove needs to past the three main tests of perfection namely medical grading test, high risk category testing and utility grade testing. Medical grade test grades a glove from one to three and if the glove is absolutely perfect it receives a medical grade. High risk category testing is a very crucial form of testing the glove as it tests each and every thing used in the glove to its perfection. Utility grade testing measures the basic utility derived from the glove.

Basically, a glove should contain five things namely no sensitivity issues, excellent tensile strength, resistance from puncturing and cost effectiveness. Before bringing the glove in use, a person should visit a doctor and test himself from the different allergies he could possess. There are various types of allergic testing available with the doctor. This testing could help one save himself from various infections and allergies that the gloves may cause.


Nitrile gloves are commonly used by the doctors and nurses. Sometimes they are even used by the ward boys to clean up the stuff. One can just say that there are different ways but it is commonly requires by the hospitals. The sale of these Nitrile gloves is too high that the companies are making profits in huge numbers. But only few people know that there are several side effects of using it. These side effects are not common in all, but they have occurred frequently and have caused problems. The problems are not restricted to the person wearing it but also for the samples he or she might be testing with.

As per the scientific language the gloves are made with vulcanization process where the Sulphur and Zinc Oxide are mixed together with the accelerators such as dithiocarbamate-type better known as DTB-type or 2-mercaptobenzothiazole-type also known as MBT-type. Now these rubber gloves have caused a lot of problem because of the use of these accelerators during the process. The scientist and researchers believe that DTB-type accelerator causes cytotoxicity which is a state where the cells stop producing or decreasing in number.  While on the other hand, the MBT-type accelerator increases contact allergens which make your body more prone to diseases when coming in contact with harmful environment.

So it is not just the skin on hand which is in danger but the whole body. Many people have found rashes on the back of their hand if they use these gloves for a long time. These gloves react with the skin and make your hand itchy. If someone scratches on these rashes the tiny pores will open causing any virus to enter the hand skin. The common allergy caused by these gloves is called as the latex allergy. People feel that there are no allergy problems related with these gloves but this is a common one.

These Nitrile gloves cause a major problem when you are the only one using it and others are using powdered gloves. Most of the tattoo artists do that and the person using the Nitrile glove is in more danger because the powder causes a mixed reaction which makes you more prone to toxicity. Hence the virus in air causes lot of problem health wise and even in breathing. So, one should make sure that they use plastic gloves rather than these Nitrile ones, to be saved from danger.

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